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Balinese Dance Team Wins First Prize at South Korean Festival

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Ayu Bali Suara's award-winning performance at the the 2018 Wonju Winter Dancing Carnival in Wonju, South Korea, on Feb. 18. (Photo courtesy of Ayu Bali Suara)

JAKARTA, SriwijayaAktual.com - Balinese dance team Ayu Bali Suara won first prize as an international participant in the 2018 Wonju Winter Dancing Carnival in Wonju, South Korea, on Feb. 18.

A total of 50 international teams from 20 countries took part in the dance competition, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, China and Japan.

There were also 150 local teams from South Korea – including 25 from the South Korean army.

Ayu Bali Suara is a Bali-based dance studio founded in 1997 by Ayu Carmen and Putu Gede Suastika. It teaches dance, music, theater, pantomime and other performing arts.
Ayu Bali Suara combines modern dance moves with a traditional look. (Photo courtesy of Ayu Bali Suara)

The dance troupe received an invitation to Wonju from FIDAF (Federation of International Dance Festivals) in January, and after a little delay securing visas, they finally sent a team of 24 dancers to the festival.

Ayu Bali Suara impressed the judges in Wonju with a routine that incorporated traditional costumes, props and music combined with modern dance moves. [***]


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